Sonic Reducer

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Serious? No, but seriously good, 4real. Frontman Shane O’Neill screams of slumber parties and cutting a bitch’s throat because she stole his lip gloss—and lots of other stuff, like casual Friday and a dude who’s 20 percent gay. "OMG" shows up in the lyrics. Maybe all this sounds dumb, but it’s his delivery that makes it kinda genius. Plus, the band kicks mondo ass—tight, simple punk rock that’s unafraid to be goofy. It’s rare that something so artsy and yet so rowdy and funny comes across this desk. [MD]

Kevin Hume The Truth About Ants and Aphids (Premium Fantasy)

Going for a hike on a sunny summer afternoon comes with a few expectations; like wind rustling through the trees, dirt crunching under comfortable shoes and a calm not found within city limits. These reliable sensations make a hike worth taking, but it’s the uncommon—a deer crossing the path, a hidden spring, a grove of wild flowers—that make it sublime. The Truth About Ants and Aphids fulfills the expectations of a folk-pop album, but like a blue jay singing in a ray of sunlight, offers touches of the unexpected to create a serene journey into a world of acoustic guitar, woodwinds, violins, soft brass and the occasional electronic highlight. It’s a calm that’s enjoyable within city limits. [AD]

Band of Heathens Live from MomoÕs (Fat Caddy Records)

Live from Momo’s , Band of Heathens’ debut release, is mamma’s good ol’ soul-food for your ears and spirit, all wrapped up in a little CD. With heart-wrenching vocal harmonies and impressive soloing and backgrounds, this concoction of blues, country, soul and bluegrass is an unapologetic tribute to wearing your musical heart on the sleeve of your shirt. Formed in 2005 with a sampling of talented solo artists, and recently dubbed “Best New Band” at the 2007 Austin Music Awards, the Heathens are as congealed as the Eagles or Lynyrd Skynyrd, and have a sound to back it up. [TG]

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