Sonic Reducer

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While unmoved by their last release, Planet Of Ice vanquishes any ho-hum feelings that may have been associated with Minus The Bear. Yes, I looove this album (which is deserving of three “o”s in “love”). Together guitar, keyboard and percussion create a gratifying and well-produced arrangement of indie rock, the emo of yesteryear and, say, neo, neo-prog. Plus, some tracks generate feelings similar to those produced while riding mythical equestrian beasts through outer space in 1976. [JCC]

Galactic From the Corner to the Block (ANTI)

New Orleans’ funky five-piece band comes clean on their seventh studio album. Accompanied by an eclectic group of lyricists, From the Corner to the Block stands out as one of 2007’s most innovative projects—modern funk and organic hip-hop never sounded so good together. Appearances from Mr. Lif, Gift of Gab and others help contribute to the album’s thematic focus on glorifying the birthplace of both genres: the block. From the Corner to the Block is a funky reminder that the heart and soul of New Orleans is still alive and always raising the bar. [JAH]

Simian Mobile Disco Attack Decay Sustain Release (Interscope)

You can only listen to that old C+C Music Factory tape so many times. You know why you like C+C but don’t really like much other dance music? Because C+C was all about the songs, whole things with sections, hooks and motion. Same goes for Daft Punk, clearly a progenitor to Simian Mobile Disco. Well, you non-electro-dance fans, this is the next disc you need to buy. SMD inseminates analog party music (mistakes included even!) with joyous energy and top-notch songwriting instincts, then floats raw vocals over the whole affair. It’s captivating enough for your solitary driving moments and light enough to break out at a party. [MD]

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