Sonic Reducer

Jeremy McCollum
2 min read
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Who knew that sad songs about heartbreak and addiction could ever be so happy? This release from Lousy Robot (formerly Hey Dandee) is one of the most easily likeable releases I’ve heard from any local band. It’s a disk full of catchy post-punk sing-alongs that quickly became stuck in my head and made me wish that this release was longer than 26 minutes.

Unit 7 Drain Selector (Socyermom)

As far as I’m concerned, nothing hurts local bands like a weak vocalist. Fortunately for all of us, Unit 7 Drain's lead singer has some of the best pipes I’ve heard in town. The only singer I could think to compare him to is Tyson Meade of Chainsaw Kittens. That said, Unit 7 Drain has a sound of their own and should be proud of this original rock album with its driving drums and subtle keys.

Jocko Agency NDN Tonic (self-released)

The band formerly know as Atomic Love Medicine has consolidated down to a power trio and hit us with a full-length album. This time around their sound is rawer, simpler and more pure-rock. Cynical yet catchy lyrics express contempt for the current state of our government, serving as lyrical reminders of the ongoing struggles of Native American peoples. Catch them next time they play and pick up a t-shirt or CD. They’re free!

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