Sonic Reducer

Simon McCormack
2 min read
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Albuquerque’s post-rock/instrumental rock outfit The Build has put together its first full-length release, recorded, mixed and mastered by the Oktober People’s Sean McCullough. “Sleep Tyrants” and “Allies of the Seahorse” are perhaps the best examples of sound walls that are constructed and immediately torn to shreds, but the dual-guitar leads and unpredictable drums keep the album from reaching any major low points. The tunes are better with live show fog, but The Build and McCullough do an admirable job of capturing the band’s live sound.

The Pharmacy B.F.F. (Don't Stop Believin')

Three-piece The Pharmacy lives up to its billing as “the perfect soundtrack to a great trampolining session.” Like a clown with a mean streak or an angry punk on Ecstasy, The Pharmacy is fast, energetic and full of playful screaming, all behind a backdrop of up-tempo drums, quirky keyboard and mini-riffing guitar. The next time you come home pissed off from work, put it on and dance/scream it all out.

The You For the Masses (Pure Tone Music)

Crafted in the basements of Pittsburgh, Pa., The You offers up softspoken indie rock that’s sweetly misanthropic and always a bit coy. Singer and songwriter Josh Verbanets gets a little carried away with how clever he’s trying to make his lyrics, but the music always remains genuine and straight to the point. The debut release is produced by Brian Deck (Modest Mouse, Iron & Wine) and while it might not be made for the clubs, it definitely suits the smoky bars, or for that matter, your lonely, sun-baked room.

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