Sonic Reducer

Jessica Cassyle Carr
2 min read
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The power of Satan compels Danzig to release a follow up to 1993’s mysti-classical hit Black Aria ! Satan’s rebellion was the subject of the last release; this time Danzig’s dealing with Lillith, whore of the desert, Adam’s first wife, skull-faced, big-boobed cartoon chick on the album cover. In general, it sounds more like a horror movie score than a classical album, but it’s one demons, dark masters, the dead and undead alike, would respect. Danzig calls it “Wagnerian.” I call it more Danzig, just in time for Halloween.

Elton John The Captain & The Kid (Interscope Records)

If you like your listening easy, this is a pretty groovy album. Gaining inspiration from the old days, it’s a serious improvement over 2004’s Peachtree Road , with EJ and ol’ Bernie toying around with vintage synthesizer sounds while completing their classic formula of ballads over blues piano and rock opera crescendos. Unfortunately, it’s still sad that Elton’s ’70s madman became a sedate purveyor of adult contemporary, and it creates nothing that achieves anything amounting to the greatness of “Tiny Dancer” and the like.

Favourite Sons Down Beside Your Beauty (Vice)

“I’m the coolest, check out my edgy fashion, narrowed stare and pretense, I sing about serious things and rock with attitude, join me in being an arrogant asshole …” is the type of hipster rock bullshit that’s wearing thin on many of us. There’s really nothing wrong with this album. It’s just in a genre that’s been done to death and thus seems totally phony. Vice, pull your head out of your ass!

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