Sonic Reducer: Beach Fossils, Sabertooth Cavity, Animal Prufrock

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This album is reminiscent of the ’80s New Zealand twee pop captured on so many of Flying Nun Records’ early recordings—The Clean, The Chills and The Bats come to mind. The minimalist jangle and superbly lo-fi recording quality give this eight-song, dreamy/melancholy EP—compliments of Dustin Payseur, a Brooklynite by way of North Carolina—a definite vintage feel. I recommend listening to this, and The Bats too, over and over … taking care not to aggravate co-workers or loved ones, of course. (JCC)

Sabertooth Cavity ÒEn Lak EchÓ (Sssk Distro / Yesca)

This EP caught my eye because it comes in a silk screened burlap bag. Neat. The recording and production is sharp and better than average. There’s distorted wah-wah throughout six metal/hardcore tunes and Lee Ranaldo-sounding noise. It also has an endless groove at the end of Side 1. Pretty cool. Unfortunately, there’s a double-kick pedal involved, and the drummer goes all Buddy Rich and shit. If you like crossover, “En Lak Ech” is the ticket. Reminds me of the opening band for an all-ages show in the late ’80s when D.R.I. went metal and double-kick drum pedals were goddamn everywhere. (GP)

Animal Prufrock Congratulations; Thank You + IÕm Sorry (Righteous Babe Records)

The debut solo album of Animal Prufrock, one half of the queercore band Bitch and Animal, is upbeat and quirky. There are some danceable tracks, including “voglio,” which features Italian lyrics over snappy, electronic beats. Songs that could be cheesy, like “emotional boner,” gain credibility through Prufrock’s honest, clear vocals. The sweet little piano ditty “love me love me”—about pining for, gaining and losing a lover—has enough clever lines to keep it from becoming maudlin. All together this is a fun, hook-filled package. Special bonus for Ani DiFranco fans: She sings back-up vocals on several tracks. (SO)

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