Sonic Reducer: The Scrams, The Raveonettes And School Of Seven Bells

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The last of the organ-driven Scrams records? The sounds on this two-song 7-inch lie somewhere between surf, garage and the soundtrack from Dr. Phibes Rises Again . These two tunes are better than the band’s recently released CD and a bit goofier than the first Scrams single. The B-side’s catchy as hell, with killer breaks complete with “sha-la la-la-la-la”s. There’s now a bass player (Kenta Henmi from Suicide Lanes) and no Farfisa in the live show, but with a natural-born singer, and drums and guitar like this, there’s no need to panic. Catch these guys at the Launchpad June 1 with Guitar Wolf. (GP)

The Raveonettes Raven in the Grave (Vice)

The Raveonettes, Danish duo Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo, gets a little carried away with vintage synthesizer sounds on this new album. The band, known for divinely heavy distortion and fun garage pop and post-punk sensibilities, now sort of just sounds like the Cocteau Twins on acid. Three tracks in, “Forget That You’re Young” is repetitive, precious and fully annoying. Later, “Ignite Revised” gives the album some redemption—that is until a soaring ’80s synth comes in and pierces you like a pointy and unfortunate tendril of Aquaneted hair. (JCC)

School of Seven Bells Disconnect From Desire (Vagrant Records)

This ethereal electronic group is Benjamin Curtis, formerly of The Secret Machines, and identical twins Claudia and Alejandra Deheza from On!Air!Library! The three met while their respective bands were touring to support Interpol (see page 35), and they decided to combine forces. The band’s name is taken from a legendary South American pickpocket academy. Lyrics are a focal point: The trio often writes them first then creates music in support. Ten stirring tracks of shimmering voices and infectious dance beats, with a touch of moodiness, pour forth from the band’s second full-length album. School of Seven Bells opens for Interpol at the Sunshine on Monday . (SO)

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