Sonic Roulette: Random Musical Selections From Former Local Drummer Extraordinaire Jill Mcarthur

Song Roulette

Jessica Cassyle Carr
3 min read
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Returning from a hiatus, Song Roulette sought out the random selections of Ms. Jill McArthur—former drummer extraordinaire for a handful of lauded local bands including The Foxx, The Grave of Nobody’s Darling and The Mindy Set. (She’s also a stylist responsible for many beautiful haircuts, and she’s a snappy dresser, too.) At the end of this month Jill picks up and moves to New York City. We bid her a fond farewell and wish her the best of luck in the big city.

Music Playlist

1) “City Middle” • The National • Alligator

“Great band, great album. This is one of their slower, sweeter songs. I’ve been known to skip past this track due to my current bitter nature.”

Music Playlist

2) “I’m Amazed” • My Morning Jacket • Evil Urges

“One of my favorite bands. I do have to say when I purchased this album I wasn’t impressed, but this song helped it grow on me.”

Music Playlist

3) “We Lost the Albatross” • Say Hi • The Wishes and the Glitch

“See, now you know I’m not cheating. I would have left this one out, but I’ve got a closet obsession with nerdy, pretentious songwriters. The best part about this song is how short it is.”

Music Playlist

4) “Wide Awake” • The Meeting Places • Find Yourself Along the Way

“Mmmm. Great driving music.”

Music Playlist

5) “Heavy Weather” • Jarvis Cocker • Jarvis

“I love this man. What else can I say? He can do no wrong in my book. All of you washed-up Pulp fans need to get up off your arses and go get this album. This song is a great representation of Cocker’s post-Pulp triumph. I’m off to go swoon somewhere by myself now.”

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