Southwest Tastemakers

Hanna Sumour
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Kiss spring’s perennial blush of coy colors and prim construction goodbye. For the next three months, autumnal layering and earth tones will ram headlong into the nubile silhouettes of summer. The new vernal look is literate, lithe and flecked with mud.

Spring 2008 will prove itself a season-long celebration of chicken legs and jejune hues from brown to beige to camel to gray. Pastels in the park? Better make way for books in the barnyard!

Pirates Of Princeton

Like ocean on sky, slim-fit jeans meet the terminus/horizon of calf-length pirate boots. The play of masculine and feminine, student and shit-kicker "C. Shih" displays is uncanny. Her scarf is Hermès, but it’s worn as a brigadier general would. The lip of a gigot-sleeve (visible on her right arm) infuses an otherwise demure cardigan with authority.

Do I Feel Pretty?

The tapered black pants, impeccable Italian shoes and amply-lapeled leather blazer say Dirty Harry . The museum docent frames, flower-print, high-collared shirt, and canvas laundry bag say "farmers’ market." This is one bad fingerling potato you don’t want to mess with.

Flashdance On The Prairie

"Laura I." assembles a maillot-romper for the 21 st century. Belted just above the navel, her jersey pinafore is layered over a striped tank top and denim mini-shorts. Heather leg warmers, white Keds and pasty-white skin complete the ensemble—Oh, what a reference!

I, Chicken

This outfit asks not only "What, exactly, is a nugget?" but "What is human? Who are we? Who among us has tried the new ‘chicken fries,’ and for those who have, what, exactly, are those?" and on and on and on. And on. It’s the chicken and the egg , people!, the peak expression of spring’s cosmic rebirth (egg) and frippery (plumage, cockscomb, ironic gesturing). Fer-oshe!

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