Spotlight: A Pictorial Introduction To Low Spirits

Spotlight: A Pictorial Introduction To Low Spirits

Low Spirits Haunts The Building That Once Housed Bear Assets

Blue Bar
The first dance of the night
On Friday night the bar was comfortably full, populated by a crowd teeming with baby boomers and twentysomethings alike. Despite the place’s given name, everyone seemed to be feeling festive, there to take in a little local blues, have a drink and maybe a dance.

Low Spirits, located at 2823 Second Street NW, is a stone’s throw from Downtown. After dealing with months of bureaucratic rigamarole and annoyance, Joe Anderson, owner of the Sunshine Theater and Launchpad, was able to officially open the North Valley’s new live music venue on Dec. 2.

Intended as a mellower alternative to Downtown’s frequently loud live shows, Low Spirits’ 2010 schedule boasts a host of blues, country, jazz, rock and other events that will likely tickle your fancy and spare your hearing. If you’ve yet to drop by, glimpse this pictorial introduction to the shiny, newborn bar.

Easter Egg