Jenny Gamble
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Historic El Rey Theatre is quickly becoming a blistering venue for live music. Owner Kathy Zimmer has been successfully producing shows since her days in L.A. After three years back in the Albuquerque saddle, she is bringing some diverse and extraordinary talent to the stage at El Rey. Saturday, March 12, was no exception. Along with Wave Front Promotions and Wiggle Wire Productions, Zimmer brought '80s rock legends the Fixx to Albuquerque with local band simple. serving as a worthy warmup act.

“It was a great idea for simple. to open up,” said Tim from Wave Front, “they have a sound that matched up well with the Fixx.” Fixx fans could not have agreed more, migrating in a steady stream to the dance floor toward their new fix.

Led by Stacy Parrish, a record company owner and recording engineer based locally and in San Francisco, this powerful four-piece band is rich in tone and lyrical content. Drummer Jeff Romaniuk, bass player Joe Anderson and guitar player Daniel Prevett make up the remaining simple. ensemble. Even with only a few working stage lights and a slew of technical difficulties, simple. managed to rise to the occasion. The sound they offered at El Rey brought some focus to small musical details. They kept it simple, but, like their CD's title, in perfect disarray.

When the Fixx finally took to the stage, they played all their greatest hits. Fronted by lead singer Cy Curnin, the band was supported by a dance floor full of backup singers. During “Red Skies at Night,” Curnin looked up to an imaginary sky, palm up, as if rain were falling right through the ceiling. Before ending the evening with “Saved by Zero,” Curnin told the crowd, “25 years and we still haven't found a better job.” Bloomingdale's and Macy's may miss Curnin's unique hats, but Fixx fans are clearly happy to see them back in action.

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