Spring Crawl Headliners Stereotyperider And Guttermouth

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Simon McCormack
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In grade school, there were always kids that mother and father felt it was best I try to avoid if at all possible. Perhaps if I had not heeded their well-intentioned advice, I would be headlining Spring Crawl. At any rate, I’m not, and Guttermouth is, and that’s probably for the best. These foul-mouthed punks from Huntington Beach, Calif., are not about to stop offending anyone anytime soon. Their latest release,
Eat Your Face, features a song in which front man Mark Adkins vividly describes a case of bestiality involving his mother and an all-too-eager donkey.

Guttermouth remembers a simpler time when it wasn’t your crooked haircut but your devastating alcohol addiction that made you the belle of the ball. Alas, those times may have passed, but there are plenty of people who remember them with great fondness.

Musically, these SoCalers haven’t lost a step; they’re still serving up raw, untainted punk rock that hurts your frickin’ ears. Come on down to the Crawl and party with the band that wrote the book on how to have a good time (in spite of their mothers’ indiscretions).


Hailing from the valley of the sun in Phoenix, Ariz., the boys in Stereotyperider are a conglomeration of two bands that were staples of the Arizona music scene; Mandingo and Adam’s Alcoholics. Since their 1999 inception, the band has crafted a post-hardcore/alternative rock sound that’s part Pixies and part Suicide Machines with a strong proclivity for vocal harmonies.

With the current battle over hipster hierarchy well underway, Stereotyperider is more than happy to steer clear of the trend altogether, proffering instead to continue pursuing their own sound with no desire to sign with a major label. “We’re not in a hurry to have someone tell us how to play,” bassist Anthony Germinaro explains. “We’ve seen a lot of bands get signed, but for us we’re happy with our little indie label [Suburban Home Records] because they let us do whatever the hell we want and we appreciate that.”

Germinaro says he’s more than a little excited to come to Albuquerque for the Crawl. “We’ve always had fun playing in Albuquerque and the people we’ve met out there are all really cool,” Germinaro asserts. “I can’t say we remember all the great nights we’ve had in Albuquerque (laughs), but the nights we don’t remember were probably pretty good too.”

Guttermouth and Stereotyprider will perform live at Spring Crawl on Saturday, April 29. Consult this week’s Spring Crawl Schedule of Bands for times and venues.


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