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Laura Marrich
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If you’ve ever been in a band, chances are you’ve got 900 pressings of your first album stashed away in someone’s closet. That was the finding on a recent RockSquawk thread, anyway. Almost all of our self-produced collections are collecting dust in inaccessible armpits of the city. Meanwhile, just as many of us would love to comb through someone else’s pile. ( … The wax is always blacker on the other side.) So, what would happen if we all unearthed our ancient jewel cases, cassettes and vinyl and traded them for stuff we actually want to hear?

There’s only one way to find out. That’s the tidy idea behind The Second Sunday Downtown Record Swap, where audiophiles can buy, sell and trade with "other music geeks" once a month. Especially if you and your UNM buddies put out an acid-punk album in 1995. Somebody probably liked it then enough to want it now: You just need a venue in which to meet that person.

The first swap is from 2 to 5 p.m. this Sunday, July 13. Lug your record crates to The Agency (111 Fourth Street SW, where Duke City Sabor used to be), which began functioning as a venue/recording space/practice hole a few months back. Agency operator and swap meet organizer Jason Wolf (of
KeyToSound digital audio engineering, among other projects) says Ace Barber Shop will set up some decks so potential buyers can give records a spin before they commit. If you’re planning on selling your music, bring $5 for a miniscule vendor fee. Visit the-agency.org and rocksquawk.com for more on The Agency and The Second Sunday Downtown Record Swap.

Soular Comeback

Despite all appearances, Soular—a rock band with more perpetual polish than any other currently playing in Albuquerque—has not moved to Portland. It just hasn’t played a show in forever.

But this Saturday, July 12, break time is finally over. Marsh, Ian, Jared and Brian will play a hometown show, and, because it’s Soular, it’ll be far from average.

This bad boy’s been at least two months in the making. Soular booked Nob Hill’s historic Lobo Theater (3013 Central NE) for the concert.
Audio Excellence is rigging up the pyrotechnics, and melodic-rocker Barcelona is coming down from Seattle to open the show. Best of all, 100 percent of the proceeds generated by the show’s $5 cover is going to the UNM Children’s Hospital. And it’s all-ages. The extrrrrabaganza starts at 7 p.m.
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