The Acres

With J. Dimenna And Seventeen Evergreen

Simon McCormack
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Wednesday, March 8, Atomic Cantina, (21-and-over); free: The Acres' three singer/songwriters make for a local band whose music is definable only when broken down into three distinct categories. These styles range from a flamboyant Andy Williams-ish country western to a Belle and Sebastian-esque indie rock and some sort of Modest Mouse/Arcade Fire hybrid with highly tremoloed slide guitar. These genres aren't mashed together, but rather, kept separate and allowed to grow into themselves without being sullied by the others. The group seems a bit like three solo artists who are inexplicably drawn together, perhaps because there is more similarity between them than their diverse tracks let on.

As differentiated as their sound is, there are a few elements which help tie the whole thing into a slick and vaguely congruent package. Alan Gresham's backing vocals, for example, are a welcomed addition; especially on the piano-propelled “Bees in Your Bonnet,” which is arguably the band's best published track.

What happens when all three artists collide live onstage? Find out this Wednesday at Atomic.

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