The Alibi Shows Its Colors With Our Pre-Pride Glam Dance Party

Jessica Cassyle Carr
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YouÕre Cordially Invited to the Pre-Pride Glam Dance Party
Glam rock pioneer Marc Bolan—aka T. Rex
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At some point, a misguided preacher of contrary dogma brashly decided to spread a rumor that the ’70s sucked. This idea managed to manifest itself in the cultural consciousness, and the catchy, alliterative declaration was assumed by the obtuse masses to be true.

I don’t know whether it was hippie burnout or the rise of beige/brown/rust color schemes that got everyone down, but the loudmouthed naysayers who dismiss the decade altogether clearly have no appreciation for the facts. In addition to the first gay pride events across the country—including the first Albuquerque Pride in 1976—the decade saw the birth of revolutionary kinds of rocking.

Of the many fine sonic inventions of the ’70s, glam rock sparkles brightest. Spaced-out, made-up, sexually ambiguous acts such as T. Rex, David Bowie, The Sweet, Roxy Music, Queen and the New York Dolls flew a heavy, punky, Moog-tinged rock and roll spaceship to the frontiers of theatrics and cross-dressing.

On Wednesday, June 8, the
Alibi’s Group Hug party-mobile is teaming up with Albuquerque Pride for a fabulous ’70s glam-themed affair. The Pre-Pride Glam Dance Party takes place at the fancy Casa Esencia in Old Town. (Seriously, this place, a hacienda built in 1783, is gorgeous. Ogle the splendor at

Unearth sexy swag bags from Self Serve and VIP tickets to Pridefest throughout the evening. You’ll also graze on complimentary canapés provided by
Standard Diner and Rodeo Grill.

For your dancing pleasure, DJs
Nicolatron, Tahnee, Mello and yours truly will be playing glam rock and disco (with some electro thrown in for good measure) all night long. It’ll be like actually taking a trip to Suffragette City, with a stopover in Funkytown.

You can also expect live music by La Juala, fronted by deliciously international torch singer Georgina, and a drag show. In royal attendance from the United Court of the Sandias are none other than Empress Bunnie Fluffy Cruse and Emperor Papi Chulo. Your 2011 New Mexico Pride title holders will hold court as well: Mister Rocco Steele, Ms. Tiffany Mariah Di Marco, Miss LaRhya Daniels and Mr. Raydon Hawk.

Everyone—no matter who they like to kiss—is invited to dress up in glamourous costumery and celebrate Pride with us. See you Wednesday!

Pre-Pride Glam Dance Party

Wednesday, June 8, 7 p.m. to midnight

Casa Esencia

800 Rio Grande NW

Tickets: $10 at the door, 21-and-over


YouÕre Cordially Invited to the Pre-Pride Glam Dance Party

YouÕre Cordially Invited to the Pre-Pride Glam Dance Party

YouÕre Cordially Invited to the Pre-Pride Glam Dance Party

YouÕre Cordially Invited to the Pre-Pride Glam Dance Party

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