The Atomic Bitchwax

With Spiritu, Caustic Lye And Sleestaks

John Bess
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Behold, all ye fans of big rock guitars and frenetic rhythm section freak-outs, The Atomic Bitchwax is heading your way! For years Bitchwax has led the way in the stoner rock genre with the craziest power trio antics since Cream put down their sheets of blotter acid.

Bitchwax has long been kept from touring by original guitarist and founding member Ed Mundell's obligations to Monster Magnet. However, the band replaced Mundell with Core's Finn Ryan, allowing them to not only go on the road, but to also enter new musical territory. Ryan brings the angular jazziness of Core to ex-Godspeed bassist Chris Kosnik's Mutron-distorted low end riffing and Keith Ackerman's syncopated drum rampages. For those who've never heard The Atomic Bitchwax, imagine early Led Zepplin, Cream and Jimi Hendrix running through the nastiest speaker blowing distortion played by guys who positively slay on their instruments. No nodding-off, droning faux-rock here. These guys bring the rock the right way: heavy, fast and full of thick, greasy grooves.

If all of that isn't enough to get you out to the show, swallow this tidbit. The Atomic Bitchwax are touring to support “3,” their fourth release on the MeteorCity label. The label itself, founded and run right here in Albuquerque, is home to an international array of great rock bands like Sweden's Blind Dog and Japan's Eternal Elysium, not to mention national treasures like Nebula and The Hidden Hand. Few local labels have had such an international reach, and those in the know will attest to MeteorCity bands bringing the heaviness with unchecked abandon and sheer musicality.

This will be Bitchwax's first visit to the Duke City, so show up and give them a hearty welcome. You will be rewarded.

The Atomic Bitchwax will play Tuesday, June 28, at Burt's Tiki Lounge. Doors open at 9 p.m.

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