The Black Angels

With The Mindy Set And Lomita

Jessica Cassyle Carr
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Monday, Jan. 30; Burt’s Tiki Lounge (21-and-over), free: Austin’s The Black Angels, who are pumped to visit Albuquerque, answered a bunch of questions I sent them via e-mail, but unfortunately, there’s only room for these three:

The Black Angels seem to draw inspiration from the ’60s and psychedelic rock, but in a way that’s quite original. How do you work this?

We combine all of our favorite musical influences (most of which happen to be from '60s psychedelia) and add our own creativity to it. There's also something about [Austin] that inspires.

How do you think Austin’s music scene compares to that of the rest of the U.S.?

We think Austin has produced some great bands. Most notably, the 13th Floor Elevators. However, right now we’re still in search of our sister band. There are several amazing bands in town right now but none that are pushing us to become better. Some cool bands coming out of Austin right now are For Those Who Know and The Brothers & Sisters.

What are the key(s) to a successful band (for example, some say your album’s art and first song has to be good, some say you have to be business-minded, etc.)?

We think the most important thing with our band is our friendship with one another. Without that foundation there would be no reason to pursue a career in music. Why set out to conquer the world with people you don’t even like? Forming a band with random people is the most difficult thing anyone could do. Friendship is the key and, from that, creativity flows more easily, because you feel more comfortable with people who know you for who you really are.

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