The Classic Crime

With June And Dan Melillo

Simon McCormack
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The Classic Crime
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Monday, Aug. 28, Launchpad (all-ages); $8-$10: You needn’t throw out your conceptions of emo, screamo and pop-punk when attempting to comprehend what Seattle’s The Classic Crime brings to the table … but your definitions might need some updating.

For instance, as TCC proves, you don’t have to constantly whine or incessantly scream to make your emotions seem real. And you can certainly show maturity with more than just lyrics if your vocals are as poignant as lead singer Matt MacDonald’s. You also don’t have to make your music accessible with every note as long as after a convoluted verse you come back to a memorable pop-punk chorus.

The band’s latest release,
Albatross, was released on Christian record label Tooth and Nail, but the only things one can surmise about the band (or at least MacDonald) from the lyrics are: 1) They’ve had some tough times with some very bad relationships, and 2) they believe acceptance of others is crucial (aw). There is certainly no overt preaching.

They might not be genre obliterators, but TCC is certainly a welcome addition to a bloated genre that youths really can’t seem to get enough of.
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