The Coma Recovery Cd Release Party

Ageism-Free Progressive Rock Since 2003

Amy Dalness
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This was actually their idea. (Wes Naman)
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Hidden carefully within many sock drawers are deep, haunting secrets. Tales so mystifying that only dear diary can understand. Poems written to an unattainable love. Confessions of who it really was that stole the cookies from the cookie jar. Stories you want to forget, but remember years later through fits of laughter. Some stories never make it to the plastic-bound pages under layers of hosiery—they go straight to vinyl.

Drown That Holy End in Wine is the latest journal entry from the life of The Coma Recovery. Songs extruded from failures, desperate pleas and comatose mornings, documented in one of the most intimate and public media possible—a full-length CD. “It was a big weight to be lifted from our shoulders when we finally got it done,” says Daniel Brigman, singer and synthesizer for the progressive rock group. The album contains songs the band has written during the past three years and multiple versions of The Coma Recovery.

Once upon a time, they were known as Persona Projector. In August of 2005, Thomas Morris, Dustin Casteel, Sam Owen, Rob Mote and Brigman came together to form Coma version 2.0. Five months later, they recorded the band’s first full-length album, found themselves a quaint record deal and will be touring the United States in a new van.

Chris Common from These Arms Are Snakes helped them record the album at the Red Room in Seattle in January. While recording, reps from Chicago’s Failed Experiment Records came by to offer them some support for
Drown That Holy End in Wine , which will officially be available in July. But these boys are going to give a little piece of their souls to the world a bit earlier. The Coma Recovery is kicking off a national tour with a CD release party at the Cell Theatre on Friday, May 19, with some help from We Were Born As Ghosts, Sunset Gun and Dear Oceana. As usual, it’ll be an all-ages gig.

In fact, every venue The Coma Recovery has booked thus far for their national tour is all-ages. “It seems like a lot more welcoming environment,” says Brigman. “There isn’t any kind of restriction or ageist-thing going on.” Of course, he admits, it can’t be done 100 percent of the time, but they try. “We’re just not a bar band.”

The Coma Recovery CD Release party will be held on May 19 at The Cell Theatre (700 First Street NW) at 7 p.m. with We Were Born As Ghosts, Sunset Gun and Dear Oceana. The show is all-ages with a $5 cover. For more information, visit

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