The Deathray Davies: It’s Hard To Run Uphill On Stilts

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Jim Phillips
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The Deathray Davies
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Sunday, Sept. 24, Atomic Cantina (21-and-over); free: The Deathray Davies are the best band in the world. Period. (I’d like to think that statement alone would be enough to put asses in seats, but I know better. So I’ll try and elaborate for you.)

Based out of Dallas, The Deathray Davies are a six-man, indie-pop phenomenon that can put a room on its feet faster than a fire drill. They mix moving, witty, crackerjack lyrics with pounding pop rhythms and then (before you can come to your senses) pepper it all with shakers, rattles, toys, bloops, bleeps, sirens and the occasional whoop and wail. The end result is great. Glorious. It is a stupefying calamity of noise and psychedelic genius that can only work in the framework of rock and roll. And it just works so well.

There … I hope that clears things up. Cause for my hard earned money, seeing The Deathray Davies live is a far, far better thing than free whiskey, barbeque and birthdays all rolled into one. And missing a Davies show is, well … unforgivable. See you there.
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