The Dolly Ranchers

Rachel Heisler
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Sunday, March 7; AMP House Concert (all ages, 6:30 p.m.): Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, welcome to one of the craziest shows on Earth. Feast your eyes on four ladies who know what putting on a captivating show is all about … the Dolly Ranchers have all their bases covered when it comes to rockin' a crowd and getting a rip-roarin' hoe-down started.

For years the Dolly Ranchers have been traveling the country performing their brand of half, half sweet ballads. They've shared the stage with the likes of the Rosalie Sorrels, Bitch and Animal and U. Utah Phillips; they've hits clubs and festivals everywhere, they even travel with a circus—it's fair to say that they pretty much go where the wind takes them. The Dolly Ranchers are Americana in action, and this freedom of mind, body and soul comes across in songs like “Driving” and “Train Bridge,” (Escape Artist, Chaos Kitchen Music, 2002) with wise-beyond-their-years song subjects and charming harmonies that stem from a collision of Amy Bertucci's alto and Sarah-Jane Moody's haunting, childlike soprano.

The Dolly Ranchers are not your average “girl band,” (they're better) and that's why they are loved in not only their hometown of Santa Fe, but all over America. They are four round pegs who have found four round holes in a world full of squares.

The Dolly Ranchers will perform at AMP House Concert #58 for a $10 requested donation. Reserve your seat by calling Jeff at 842-5073 or by visiting

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