The Jason And The Argonauts Farewell Show

With Supergiant, Lousy Robot, Fast Heart Mart And The Trampolines (From Denver)

Jim Phillips
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Jason Daniello (Wes Naman)
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Friday, July 7, Launchpad (21-and-over); $5: You win some, you lose some, Albuquerque. One of our best and brightest is on his way back East. Jason Daniello will soon be moving to Asheville, N.C., but not before he and some good friends put on one more monster musical event this Friday at the Launchpad.

Jason speaks lovingly of his time in Albuquerque and the relationships he has formed with the likes of Jeffrey Richards, Ryan Martino, Stacy Parrish and Nels Andrews, describing them as “brothers.” Albuquerque has afforded Jason the chance to perform steadily and to work with many national acts; chances he feels might not have been offered by a larger town.

As for Asheville, a small, mountain community in North Carolina, Jason plans to set up a studio in his home where he can do what he loves most. That is, creating songs with multiple layers and plenty of depth, an experience he says puts him in another world. Once settled and back at it, he hopes to work at a less fevered pace than has been his habit. Instead, he hopes to build relationships with publishing groups and the like in order to better market his music in television and movies. In addition, he plans to pursue a graphic design degree. Like Jason says, “A cat’s gotta make a living when the music isn’t paying the bills.” Indeed.

Goodbye, you magnificent bastard. We miss you already.
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