The Late Severa Wires

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Jessica Cassyle Carr
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The Late Severa Wires (
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Thursday, Aug. 17, Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice (all-ages); 8 p.m., $5: Remember last week when we wrote about the Santa Fe recording studio, performance space and generally cool music collective, High Mayhem? Well, here’s an excellent chance for Albuquerqueans of all ages to sample some of their choicest goods: The Late Severa Wires, an “institution in High Mayhem’s philosophical and artistic development.” The group who last year provided the soundtrack for approximately 40,000 people at the Burning of Zozobra are taking time out from recording an LP, forthcoming in October, to demonstrate for Albuquerque their exceedingly strange sound collage.

The five-year-old quartet is an ensemble of forward-thinking maniacs using turn tables, guitars and drums to emote a varied exercise in electronic/industrial/experimental sound. Some of the group’s pieces involve simplistic industrial compositions; others are full of discord and similar to ‘60s psychedelic freak-outs. Still others are totally different, employing found sound atop song structures similar to free jazz (nonexistent), all begging the question: Where’s the line between sound and music, art and noise? Tonight’s performance is a good chance to contemplate the question for yourselves.

Just do your tender ears a favor and bring plugs for them. Some of the performers on this ticket will undoubtedly have tricks up their sleeves louder than you can imagine.
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