The Leftovers

On The Move

Jenny Gamble
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The Leftovers
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Barely hugging their 20s, The Leftovers make good music from the bygone pop-punk days even better. These three lads from Portland, Maine, got their start like many other bands—playing basement parties and trying to impress girls. But their loyalty to three-minute songs with catchy hooks has gotten them farther than any backyard makeout session.

The Leftovers have left Maine’s barbecues behind and are touring the country to promote their latest release,
On The Move . Opening for bands like The Methadones, The Queers and The Mopes, their sound is catching with the same subtle intensity that’s turned their own punk idols into legends.

Tracks like "Lose Your Head" and "Pick And Choose" show a surprising level of diversity and talent for just three young musicians. Some songs pop, other cut with a hard edge, and almost all have lyrics that draw the listener into The Leftovers’ inside jokes and stories. The music is sincere and simple, and easy to enjoy. Try to imagine if The Beach Boys got in a rumble with The Ramones and The Monkees, and you’ll be close. "Be yourself!" The Leftovers seem to say, "And have a good time doing it!"

The Leftovers will be making their Albuquerque debut at an all-ages show on the Cell Theatre stage on Tuesday, June 12, with Easier Said Than Done. Doors open at 7 p.m., with a $7 cover.

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