The Lovemakers

With Sekiden, Leiahdorus And Brixton Ex

Rachel Heisler
1 min read
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Thursday, May 13; Launchpad (21 and over, 9 p.m.): An undeclared, unspoken '80s-style electropop revival is taking place thanks to the Lovemakers—yet another fashionable band born and bred in the Big Apple. The band, which in the past was much more polished, has taken an evolutionary step backwards in its songwriting.

Saying the Lovemakers take a minimalist approach to music is a fantastic understatement. The new self-titled CD (released on their own Weird-Eye Records) is a loose-knit mix, whimsical grooves that are one step above a pre-programmed beat on one of those cheesy mini Casio keyboards many of us got for Christmas when we were nine years old. But there are those talented people out there who can take the simplest, otherwise boring sounds, and turn them into something that people can not only listen to, but want to listen to, and that's what Scott Blonde, Lisa Light and Jason Proctor have done here.

If I've made the Lovemakers sound like lazy hacks, that wasn't the intention. On the contrary—DIY drive (the album was recorded in the Lovemakers' bedroom) and a reinvention of sound have helped make a good band even better.

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