The Phenomenauts

With The Epoxies, Teenage Bottlerocket And Romeo Goes To Hell

Simon McCormack
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The Phenomenauts
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Sunday, May 21, Launchpad (all-ages); $10: The Phenomenauts bought their way onto the Warped tour with breakfast burritos, played the sidewalk outside of the legendary Fillmore in San Francisco and are now on their way to the Launchpad for an all-ages show that’s sure to leave you full of joy and covered in toilet paper. It is clear that Commander Angel Nova and his loyal space-traversing crew have a sincere love for the live show–and that love pays dividends for those lucky enough to see their live performance. With the help of their “Theramatic-Helmerator” (a helmet with a theremin attached to it) and their trusty “Streamerator” (a leaf blower that shoots toilet paper at the crowd), The Phenomenauts create an atmosphere that’s beyond compare … on this planet, at least.

Musically, Corporal Joe Bot’s Reverend Horton Heat-style twangin’ guitar is the propelling force behind the Phenomenauts “space rock” that’s part psychobilly and part insane. Their influences range from the Kinks to Devo to The Ventures and, although they are undoubtedly a gimmick band, their musical presence is much more serious than their helmets and stage names might lead you to believe.

Gather up your underage pals and head over to the Launchpad for one of the best live shows this galaxy has to offer.
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