The Ringers

Kamikaze Hearts To Keep Your Head Up

Jenny Gamble
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The Ringers (Armand Ruiz)
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Maybe you’re craving something different, a little fever to fill your soul, an experience that stands out and stands alone in your next musical outing … seems like you’re craving The Ringers. Promising more than your average rock show, this little band from Los Angeles is dedicated to high kicks and headlocks every time they take the stage.

“When we play, the music takes over, it speaks for itself," says Fedora-sporting front man Joe Hursley. "We want every show to be a fun show, an experience.”

With credits as the five-month house band at the Viper Room in L.A. and plenty of nationwide performances under their belt, it’s no surprise The Ringers are building a following every time they play. But the band has stayed cool about their accomplishments so far. “We’re just humble ninjas, perfecting our craft," Hursley says. "We’re constantly learning."

Ringers songs transport the listener faster than a freight train, moving at a break-neck clip. The lyrics, when you can catch a glimpse of them, are in full color, "rooted in truth," Hursley says, and "not just words that rhyme with ‘tree.’”

Following a stop at South by Southwest this year, Ringers drummer (and brother to Joe) Patrick Hursley took a short break to welcome a new baby girl, but was back on the road in just a few weeks. Dedication is apparently another hallmark of this band. The Ringers are calling this the "Bottle Rocket Baby Tour," scheduling shows throughout the western half of the United States and introducing folks to their crack-and-candy-addictive latest release,
Tokyo Massage III . They’re hoping to keep The Ringers ringing in folks’ ears.

The Ringers are joined at Atomic Cantina on Sunday, June 3, with the San Francisco-based punk rock pussy cats Chix Pack and local band Poor Man’s Ferrari. Free, 21+.

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