Two Nights Of All-Ages Ska At The Launchpad

With Voodoo Glow Skulls, The Flatliners, The Phenomenauts And Made In Bangladesh And Ska Brawl Tour 2006 With The Toasters, Westbound Train, Crazyfool, And Travisty And The Screw Ups

Simon McCormack
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Monday, March 6, and Tuesday, March 7, Launchpad (all-ages); $14: Whether you're into Metaliska, Latin-ska, old-school ska or local ska, you can find it all on Monday and Tuesday at the Launchpad. The Voodoo Glow Skulls kick things off as their West Coast tour swings through Albuquerque in support of their latest release, Adicción, Tradición, y Revolución. The new album stays true to the sound the band crafted back in 1988, which combines hardcore punk, traditional ska and metal to create what the band calls “California street music.” If anything, the record rocks harder than the Glow Skulls ever have in their 18 years as a band. The seven-piece ensemble will be joined by The Flatliners, The Phenomenauts and local ska outfit, Made in Bangladesh.

On Tuesday, March 7, headliners of the Ska Brawl Tour, The Toasters, will stop by to remind us where the hell ska came from in the first place. “The Ramones of ska,” as they've been dubbed, have been making records for more than 24 years. The consummate workaskalics (sorry) have played a show every night since Jan. 18 and they won't take a day off until March 11. That's the kind of resolve that leads to 15 albums and recognition as indisputable ska icons. Westbound Train, CrazyFool, and Travisty and the Screw Ups will also be thrown into the Brawl.

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