Underwater City People

With The Rumfits, Brutally Frank And Marsupious

Marisa Demarco
2 min read
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Friday, March 31, Atomic Cantina (21-and-over); Free: OK. Watch the watch. You will go to this punk/rockabilly show. And you will have fun. Why? Because these bands are all about a good time. They will show you one. So when I snap my fingers, you will get your lazy behind out of the house for some revelry and rock.

Indeed, Los Angeles’ Underwater City People revel in the lighter side of punk, the easy listening of punk, with singable hooks, pleasant guitars and a sense of silly. They drop the tired format of a frontman- or frontwoman-driven show, and split the singing duties up instead. It’s very listenable, if you’re in a good mood.

If you’re not in a good mood, or if perhaps you’re in a good, dark mood, then Brutally Frank, of Joplin, Mo., has what you need. The combo of rockabilly stand-up bass, and up-tempo drums under metalish guitars makes for the right kind of demon party sound.

And let’s not forget locals The Rumfits. That is one growly voice on singer JD, which, though I doubt he would mean it to be, is lovely to listen to. Lovely. There’s a word I bet those guys thought they wouldn’t see in reference to them. The Rumfits is straight-ahead, old-school punk at its best, with all the Burque flair one could want. Lovely.

So, though all these bands could technically be billed as “punk” in some form or another, each comes from a different point on the spectrum. Expect a varied night. Snap!

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