Vendetta Red

With S.t.u.n., Armor For Sleep And Pris Friday, Dec. 5; Launchpad (All Ages, 8 P.m.)

Michael Henningsen
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Think of Seattle's Vendetta Red as pioneers of what will one day (very soon) be referred to as post-grunge. The five-member band have as much in common with Fugazi and early Smashing Pumpkins as they do with StonePearlGardenJam and the like—stadium rockers with feet firmly planted in the fertile garden of punk and hardcore of days gone by. If Screaming Trees had merged with the Pixies, you'd have the template for Vendetta Red.

The recently released Between the Never and Now (Epic), their first major label release, Vendetta Red sound as though they're on a mission to reconcile the loose ends left by the Abercrombie and Finch-ization of mythical “Seattle sound” pioneered by Green River, Nirvana, Seaweed and Mudhoney and to prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that grunge was more than a brief series of Gap ads and frustrated long-haired post-punks stage diving into teaming masses of Singles fans. So far, so good.

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