Widespread Panic

Sarah Bonneau

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Tuesday, Oct. 25; Kiva Auditorium (All-ages), 7 p.m.: Widespread Panic is one of the most successful touring bands today, but most people have never heard them on the radio. Without television exposure, radio airplay or promotion in record stores, Widespread Panic has sold out shows for more than 18 years, making them one of the top 50 grossing touring acts in the nation. If you've never seen them, here’s your chance.

As a veteran of every show they've played in Santa Fe, it amazes me how Widespread Panic can still raise goose bumps on my arm each time I see them. Their energy and love for the music they play is electric. Their music is original and jamming, the kind of performance that stays on your mind for years to come. Widespread Panic never plays the same set the same way: They revel in improvisation and they rarely repeat a song within a three-night span.

If you miss legendary jam bands like Grateful Dead and Phish, let Widespread Panic fill the void with their amazing performance. I just hope the Kiva doesn’t enforce assigned seating. Their show is a great rock and roll experience—not just something you go and listen to. You'll be on your feet the whole time.

Tickets are $35 at all Ticketmaster locations.

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