Your Name In Lights

With Ends In Tragedy (Ex-12 Step Rebels), Danny Winn & The Earthlings, Fairshot (Ex-Time4Change)

Jim Phillps
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Saturday, March 25, Launchpad (all-ages): So, like I've been muttering all along, the all-ages ban in Albuquerque was nothing but a treacherous rumor. Just smoke and mirrors. An ugly noise. So now what you want to do is celebrate with a rocktastic all-ages blowout. Hey, I'm with you. And I'm here to help.

Your Name in Lights is putting on a four-band, all-ages, Spring Break performance at the Launchpad this Saturday night. Recent winners of the Ernie Ball/Warped Tour Battle of the Bands Contest, their live set is filled with radio-willing rock songs that will grab your attention more effectively than a cocked pistol pointed at your forehead. This is what I consider a rare opportunity to check out an all-ages show that is going to appeal to both the youngsters as well as the 21-and-over crowd. I'm not kidding, man. These guys are tighter than a duck's ass. It's gonna be a whopping big night of rock 'n' roll for everyone. And you don't want to be the meathead that missed it, do you?

It's Spring Break. And you're cool. And the law is on our side. Cover is $5 for 21-and-over and $7 for all ages. Doors open at 8 p.m.

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